Prashant Pinge Q&A

A quick Q&A session with Prashant Pinge, the author of the upcoming YA novel Sceadu.  Interview conducted by Lola from Lola’s Blog Tours.

Prashant Pinge

After writing children’s fiction for more than a decade, what prompted you to write a young adult fantasy novel?

I have always wanted to experiment with different genres. However, the decision to write a young adult fantasy novel was not a conscious one. The catalyst was an idea I had early one morning a few years ago. But once it took seed, I knew I had to write this book. I shall, however, continue to write children’s fiction, a genre I immensely enjoy working in.


The title is quite unique. How do you pronounce it? Where did you get the idea for this book?

The title is pronounced as ‘shay-du’. It is the old English term for shadow. I have always been fascinated by human shadows, our constant companions who are relegated to playing second fiddle most of the time. In physics, shadows are formed when an object blocks light. In psychology though, the concept of the shadow is a very interesting one. However, I shall leave that for the readers to discover in the book.


Did you draw any inspiration from your own life when it came to developing the characters?

As a matter of fact, I did. It was easier to flesh out realistic characters this way although I have exaggerated certain aspects of their personalities to make them more interesting. I feel this will help readers identify with the characters, immersing them squarely into the adventure.


How is Sceadu different from the other works of fantasy fiction available today?

If I were to think of one reason, it would be the logical basis of the entire fantasy which makes this a thrilling yet plausible adventure. I also believe it is the only story out there where the human shadow has been given centre stage.


You have been published traditionally by some of India’s top publishers. What made you take the self-publishing route with Sceadu?

The decision to take the self-publishing route with Sceadu came after a lengthy period of deliberation. The primary drivers were complete creative control and the ability to reach a global audience. However, I do plan to work with publishers, with my next work of children’s fiction already picked up for a 2015 release.


What has your experience been with self-publishing so far?

My self-publishing journey so far has been a very rewarding one, allowing me to learn a lot about the different facets of this industry. It has also been a very difficult one, especially due to the lack of resources. In fact, it wouldn’t have been possible without the help of a lot of people who have contributed to my endeavour in various ways.


Do you have another project in the works? If so, can you elaborate on it?

I am currently working on a piece of commercial fiction which would fall in the domain of romantic comedies. I hope to have it completed by December 2014.


Sceadu on Goodreads

Cover Reveal on Eyrinnia Reviews


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