Host for Fairytale Apocalypse Blog Tour!

I’m excited to announce that Eyrinnia Reviews will be one of the hosts for Fairytale Apocalypse by Jacqueline Patricks on her upcoming book’s blog tour organized by Lola’s Blog Tours!  The blog tour runs from September 22 to October 5 and I will be hosting on October 2.  Keep an eye out for updates and my upcoming review!

Fairytale Apocalypse by Jacqueline Patricks

Genre: Dystopian Fantasy

A Quick Synopsis:

A romance of apocalyptic proportions

Two worlds bound by magic…
Three people joined by destiny…

Lord Kagan Donmall rules the Verge, the border that protects the magical Fae Inlands from the mundane mortal world. Recently, the Verge has been failing and he suspects the source of magic is fading. His prayers to Danu have gone unanswered, until now.

The young mortal, Lauren Montgomery, hears the message of Danu and eagerly agrees to be the Lady of the Verge, for she desires more than a mundane life.

But Lauren’s twin sister, Tessa-ever her sister’s protector, challenges the decision. The Verge falls, and the Fae and mortal worlds suffer a double apocalypse.

Now Kagan, Lauren, and Tessa must survive in this new, hostile world and discover a way to repair that which has been destroyed while navigating the bonds of duty, love, and vengeance.

I know I’m sitting on the edge of my seat to start reading this one!

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