The Little Guide to Getting Tied Up (Including Suspension) by Evie Vane

The Little Guide to Getting Tied Up (Including Suspensions)The Little Guide to Getting Tied Up by Evie Vane

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

~The Little Guide to Getting Tied Up (Including Suspensions) by Evie Vane was given to me as a read for review copy from the author through the BDSM group on GoodReads~

Personally I am new to the entire idea of BDSM and being tied up (or being a rope bottom). I wanted to give this book a read with the hopes of getting an idea of rope play. And I got just that. This book is both well written and incredibly informational.

It starts out with an Author’s Note and Disclaimer explaining a little about the author and what her body type is. A 44-year-old female coming in at five feet two inches and 115 pounds being moderately fit, expresses honestly that her experiences will not be the same as everyone else’s. This book is based on her experiences and those opinions/experiences of people who are well versed in the rope play community. The experience will be different and is possible for those who are of a different body type than her.

Now…on to the content. First off, I loved her mix of humor while still being serious and not sugar coating the intensity of this type of pleasure. For example, in the Introduction she explains when looking for rope bottoming on the internet:

“And if you search the web for “getting tied up,” well…be sure to duck before all the porn whacks you in the face.”

As well as another section saying what to include in your rope bottoming bag:

“Eye rewetting drops (maybe you cum so hard your eyeballs dry out, or you wear contact lenses).”

Hilarious! She manages to keep the serious tones and gravity of the results of irresponsibility in the mind of the reader while also keeping it light and entertaining.

She keeps reminding throughout the book that rope play is a dangerous activity and can lead to permanent injury or even death. She evens lists in Appendix B “Horror Stories” that have happened to other’s who did not take responsible action in rope play.

The author also uses personal stories of rope play situations that have happened to her to better explain what she means or is trying to convey in a particular chapter. Adding personal stories have greatly added to the content and helped reinforce and connect the reader with real-life situations rather than just saying matter-of-factly.

Overall, this book is one every BDSM interested person, from beginner to professional, should include in their library. Making the reader aware of the risks and respect rope play takes as well as revealing the fun and entertaining aspects of it are reasons I give this book 5 stars. I found very few mistakes (one of them being the overuse of the word “err”) and a good balance of outside resources mixed with her experiences. This is not a guide by a professional but rather a guide by an experienced woman looking to enlighten others.

I would greatly recommend this book to anyone interested in rope-play whether it be rope tops or rope bottoms. I am thankful to the author and the BDSM group on GoodReads for the opportunity to read and review this book.

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In the Devil’s Snare: The Salem Witchcraft Crisis of 1692

“Award-winning historian Mary Beth Norton reexamines the Salem witch trials in this startlingly original, meticulously researched, and utterly riveting study.

In 1692 the people of Massachusetts were living in fear, and not solely of satanic afflictions. Horrifyingly violent Indian attacks had all but emptied the northern frontier of settlers, and many traumatized refugees—including the main accusers of witches—had fled to communities like Salem. Meanwhile the colony’s leaders, defensive about their own failure to protect the frontier, pondered how God’s people could be suffering at the hands of savages. Struck by the similarities between what the refugees had witnessed and what the witchcraft “victims” described, many were quick to see a vast conspiracy of the Devil (in league with the French and the Indians) threatening New England on all sides. By providing this essential context to the famous events, and by casting her net well beyond the borders of Salem itself, Norton sheds new light on one of the most perplexing and fascinating periods in our history.” – Description from GoodReads.

Review of In the Devil’s Snare: The Salem Witchcraft Crisis 0f 1692 by Mary Beth Norton

Excellently researched and very well written. Hands down one of the top books on this subject. (More detailed review to be updated)

Read 2012

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The Salem Witch Trials: A Day-by-Day Chronicle of a Community Under Siege

“Based on twenty-seven years of original archival research, including the discovery of previously unknown documents, this day-by-day narrative of the hysteria that swept through Salem Village in 1692 and 1693 reveals new connections behind the events, and shows how rapidly a community can descend into bloodthirsty madness. Roach opens her work with chapters on the history of the Puritan colonies of New England, and explains how these people regarded the metaphysical and the supernatural. The account of the days from January 1692 to March 1693 keeps in order the large cast of characters, places events in their correct contexts, and occasionally contradicts earlier assumptions about the gruesome events. The last chapter discusses the remarkable impact of the events, pointing out how the 300th anniversary of the trials made headlines in Japan and Australia.” – Description from GoodReads.

Review of The Salem Witch Trials: A Day-by-Day Chronicle of a Community Under Siege by Marilynn E. Roach

An excellently researched account of the events that happened during the Salem Witch Trials. Fascinating information presented in a day-by-day format. I loved being able to follow the events so fluidly. Definitely a book I’d recommend to those who are interested in these events in detail.

Read in 2012.

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